Consignment Terms & Conditions

Consignment period is 90 days, commencing with the date the Consignment Contract is signed. Gentry prices all items and reserves the right to reduce prices by 30% after the first 30 days and by 50% after 60 days. All items are subject to in-store promotions.

The consignor receives 50% of the selling price at the end of the 90 day
consignment period. In the interim, if the consignor's portion reaches at least $80.00 at the end of a month, or if there are no items left, a check will be mailed. There will be a .50 cent fee on mailed checks. Unsold itess will be donated with the exception of suits, Suits can be reclaimed after the consignment period but customer must call at least 24 to 48 hours prior to reclaiming.

The consignor will affirm that Gentry Menswear assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to consigned merchandise by fire, theft, accident, or any other cause, and acknowledge the acceptance of the store's consignmen policy.


We accept anything a man wears, in any size men wear, including cufflinks, shoes, suits, jeans, belts, etc. Items should be in season, on hangers and ready to sell.

The better name brands is what sells.
  • Consignments are accepted BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
  • Maximum of 20 items accepted, unless you have more in popular name brands (POLO, etc.)
  • Items should not have stains, rips, pulls, snags, smoke or storage odors. This also applies to the lining of slacks or suits.
  • Clothing should have been purchased originally within 2 to 3 years.
  • Items should be made of mainly natural fibers such as cotton, linen, or wool.
  • Items should be ready to sell - dry cleaned, washed, etc.
  • Items MUST NOT have musty, storage, or moth ball odors.
We constantly have a demand for:
  • Size 33 waist to 38 waist slacks (30" long or longer)
  • Size 44 and larger suits in short, regular, or long
  • Size XL in sportshirts
  • Size 17 and bigger in shirts

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